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Artist Statement 


When we look around us in a real sense, we may astonished by how the sun's first lights felling to the world reach our eyes, how the bee makes honey, how the flower blooms. All this is real more than anything else that bothers us in modern daily life. One of the most important facts that need to be realized is the light in us that never dims down.

The ancient philosophers have realized that man is the key of the extraordinary order in the universe and puzzle of life as man is the living image of the divine plan. Pythagoras taught that man and the universe created in the image of God, as both were created in the same image, understanding one is reaching the other's knowledge. Also, he taught that there is a continuous interaction between "big man" (Universe) and "human" (small universe). He believed that all the celestial body were alive, planet and star objects were a home that welcomes spirits, intelligence and souls, as human body is a bearer of an invisible spiritual organism, that is to say, is a bearer of a conscious individuals.

In Greek, "Cosmos" means “order" or "beauty". More precisely, it was said that speaking of the cosmos means talking about the universe. Cosmos, in fact, from the smallest to the largest of the items constituting itself, is an indivisible whole. Also, to make is easy to understand, it is examined in two different aspects; "macrocosmos" and "microcosmos". Microcosm interest smallest, while macrocosmos interests largest.

Greek, Persian, Hindu and Egyptian mystery schools, primarily interested it teaching the true relationship between macrocosmos and microcosmos, in other words, the God and human to neophytes.

Emerald Tablet text goes as follows: " As a meaning, inside and outside of the objects are alike. It is said that there is a symbolic and real similarity between all visible and invisible parts of the universe. (One in the below is the same with one in the above, one in the above is also same with one in the below.)"

Resemblance of the images may be surprising in the first place. We may even think that is a coincidence but doesn't the earth revolve around the Sun as electron orbit around the proton? Isn't the star system we living within is an atom model itself? So, on the other hand, when we think of the cell structure and galaxy, a structure consisting of floating atoms within a liquid and a star system floating inside space isn't surprisingly resemble each other?

For example, when an atomic particle trapped in a very narrow area, it reacts to being confined and starts rapid spinning. Just like planets revolving in their orbits and solar system or galaxies by running away from each other, all the material formations are in a continuous motion and this pattern is never calm. Therefore, the world the universe we live in there is no static structure and even now everything continues dancing which never stops.

This mobility gives us a clue about our lives. While the only thing that was once on the move in the world was nature (clouds, rivers, sun, earth), heaps of people on the move today. Linear light that lights up of the car, people working on the desks and filling the streets, skyscrapers, big factories, mobile billboards...

This hustle has brought technology which has significantly accelerated in 21st century; slowly interfere with our lives and turning us into machines. Based on this idea, in my studies I tried to gather the organic structure of above (universe) and artificial and complicated structure of below (Earth) the within the process that evolves by moving away from the "natural" to "artificial", from "variety" to "standardization", from "humanity" to "robotization".

The city structures we name "below", as "above" resemble a living organism which is never non-stationary, in a continuous change and transformation. For this reason, the fast squares where trafic actions in big cities and there and back movements of people to their work got blurred in my studies and left their places to fractal structure of the universe images and DNA forms.

In his book "Cosmos" Carl Sagan says: "“The nitrogen in our DNA, the calcium in our teeth, the iron in our blood, the carbon in our apple pies were made in the interiors of collapsing stars. We are made of star stuff.” .If we are organisms made up of stardust and we carry it our DNA, today perhaps we should obtain more information from knowledge of our genes.

In his book Masnavi, Rumi says: “Poles, it is one that rotates around its axis. Skies revolve around it." Perhaps, in order to understand the Universe, we must first understand the importance of the life in this world. As Hermes says; if any piece is the representative of the whole (as long as piece belongs to the whole), change in the piece may as well changing the whole.

For this reason with my studies I try to tell that we are the children of both sky and earth and draw attention to the fact that the process we live in the world is not only discovery of universe but also discovery to ourselves.

Ali Alışır – 2016

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