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Artist Statement
"Virtual Landscapes"

Technology always has been the cradle of the miracles. We turned what the scientist dreamed of once upon a time, into reality today; by the means of technology. 


Artist Statement
"Virtual Places"

Even though we are standing only at the threshold of a new enlightenment with respect to technology, today the technological developments are radically changing our thinking patterns. 


Artist Statement

My exhibition called “Virtual Bodies” aimed to question the place of “the body” and the individuals in consumer society. 


Artist Statement

When we look around us in a real sense, we may astonished by how the sun's first lights felling to the world reach our eyes, how the bee makes honey, how the flower blooms. 


Artist Statement
"Virtual Places"

The fast improving technologies of the 21st century have shown us that even the cruelest wars in the world can be a source of fun.

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